Scriptless Test Automation Testing

Scriptless Test Automation - Test Cases and Test Scenarios With a Graphical User Interface

Conventional QA testing centers on programmers crafting detailed automation scripts, yet the manual effort is essential for initial script setup. The perception that code-centric testing is superior hampers QA resource utilization, hindering growth and efficiency.

In the Agile and DevOps landscape, codeless test automation gains prominence. Nevertheless, script maintenance proves challenging due to a shortage of skilled personnel. This hurdle impedes progress.

At Vensiti, we introduce scriptless test automation – innovation streamlining tests without intricate coding. No scripting is needed as it empowers testers to outline procedures, not complex code. Collaborative test case creation and workflow definition across organizations.

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Experience Effortless Testing with Scriptless Automation

  • Effortless Test Creation
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Visual Precision
  • No Coding Hassles
  • Business-Centric Testing

Effortless Test Creation

Effortless Test Creation

No coding needed. Craft, modify, and execute tests effortlessly through an intuitive interface.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Attain extensive test coverage with ease. Identify crucial scenarios, ensuring application reliability.

Visual Precision

Visual Precision

Detects errors accurately with visual validation. Gain confidence in results for impeccable user experiences.

No Coding Hassles

No Coding Hassles

Zero coding skills required. Focus on quality while the tool handles technical intricacies.

Business-Centric Testing

Business-Centric Testing

Involve non-technical team members. Design tests aligned with business needs for enhanced collaboration.

Benefits of Scriptless Test Automation Testing

  • Efficient Workflows

    Initiate an enduring solution by crafting architecture, workflows, and keyword libraries. Expert input upfront ensures sustained efficiency.

  • Customizable Solutions

    Tailor your approach using specialized keywords and data. Ideal for smoke, regression, and user acceptance testing, ensuring spot-on outcomes.

  • Optimization of Text Execution

    Surpass rising demands sans added resources. Elevate automated test execution, optimizing outcomes effortlessly.

  • Bridging The Skill Gap

    No-code automation bridges skill gaps, enabling business users and testers to contribute without exhaustive training. This liberates testers to explore inventive automation avenues.

How do we deliver Scriptless Test Automation Testing


Visual Design

Scriptless Test Automation transforms test creation into an intuitive process. Through a user-friendly interface, testers design test cases by visually arranging components.



Scriptless automation employs a keyword-driven approach. Common actions are predefined as keywords, offering a library of actions that testers can easily combine to construct complex test scenarios.



Enhancing test coverage, scriptless automation supports data-driven testing. Test cases can be linked to datasets, allowing for the execution of the same test with various inputs.



Scriptless automation bridges the gap between technical and non-technical team members. Business analysts and testers can contribute more effectively to the testing process.



Scriptless automation enhances testing efficiency in multiple ways. The visual nature of test design reduces the learning curve for testers, enabling them to focus on testing quality rather than learning programming languages.

Why Us?

At Vensiti, our distinctive approach lies in Codeless automation, fostering authentic collaboration. We unlock the potential for momentum, comprehensive coverage, enhanced quality, a clearer overview, and a deeper understanding of your testing efforts.

Our unique methodology recognizes that the power of scriptless test automation thrives when it's a collective effort, blending technical prowess with non-technical insight. Unlike conventional tools, we bridge this gap with a low-code method that doesn't require extensive coding skills. Our visual automation creates a shared language, democratizing testing. This means individuals without programming expertise can actively contribute, revolutionizing your testing approach.

Choose Vensiti for the cutting-edge solution that not only accelerates your automation journey but also ensures smooth collaboration.

Technologies and Tools we use

  • Selenium

  • Jasmine

  • Cypress

  • Protractor

  • Test cafe

  • Kinesis CI

  • Puppeteer

  • Espresso

  • Playwright

  • Telerik test studio

  • Katalon

  • Tricentis

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