Cloud Testing

Achieving 100% Code Coverage, Resource & App Testing, and Seamless Compatibility with Cloud Testing

Cloud testing is an integral aspect of modern software development, pivotal for ensuring the success of digital transformation initiatives. By rigorously assessing applications in cloud environments, organizations can unlock enhanced efficiency, streamlined processes, and unmatched reliability. At Vensiti, we recognize the significance of cloud testing in delivering robust, high-quality applications that seamlessly adapt to the dynamic cloud landscape.

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Key Features of Our Cloud Testing

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Scalability Verification
  • Hybrid Cloud Expertise
  • Intelligent Test Automation

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

At Vensiti, our cloud testing adopts a comprehensive approach, meticulously addressing every facet of your application. It includes ensuring 100% code coverage, conducting rigorous resource testing, and thoroughly assessing your application's performance.

Scalability Verification

Scalability Verification

Our testing methodology goes beyond standard assessments. We validate the scalability of your applications, allowing them to seamlessly accommodate shifts in demand. It ensures your cloud resources are optimally utilized during peak and normal usage.

Hybrid Cloud Expertise

Hybrid Cloud Expertise

With our expertise spanning diverse platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP, as well as hybrid and private clouds, we bring a versatile perspective to your cloud testing needs. Our proficiency extends to testing applications hosted on these platforms, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of your cloud strategy.

Intelligent Test Automation

Intelligent Test Automation

The Vensiti Intelligent Test Automation Platform (ViTAP) is powering our testing prowess. This proprietary solution streamlines the testing process by simplifying test setup, containerizing test suites, and seamlessly integrating with various cloud-based tools.

Benefits of Cloud Testing

  • Enhanced Code Coverage

    Vensiti's cloud testing ensures every line of code is rigorously evaluated, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing software reliability.

  • Optimized Resource Utilization

    Validate the scalability of your applications, allowing you to efficiently harness cloud resources as per demand.

  • Seamless App Integration

    Our testing ensures that migrated and native applications seamlessly integrate with cloud environments, delivering consistent functionality and performance.

  • Accelerated Time to Market

    By identifying and addressing potential issues early in the development cycle, our cloud testing accelerates your application's journey to market, ensuring timely releases.

How do we deliver Cloud Testing


Cloud Resources Testing

We delve deep into critical aspects such as scalability, disaster recovery, multi-tenancy, IaaS, PaaS, and serverless architecture. This thorough evaluation guarantees the optimal utilization of cloud resources, reinforcing your application's resilience and performance.


Cloud Application Testing

We leave no stone unturned as we rigorously examine migrated and native applications. Our scrutiny encompasses vital elements such as integration, functionality, availability, and security within the expansive cloud ecosystem. This step ensures your applications seamlessly adapt and flourish in their new cloud habitat.


App Testing Using Cloud-Based Tools

Our testing prowess extends to utilizing cloud-based tools that enable seamless execution. Performance evaluations, security assessments, compatibility validations, and the simulation of varying loads and stresses ensure your applications thrive under diverse scenarios.


Intelligent Test Automation

The Vensiti Intelligent Test Automation Platform (ViTAP) is at the heart of our testing efficiency. ViTAP's automation prowess propels your applications to optimal performance within cloud environments.

Why Choose Vensiti for Cloud Testing?

At Vensiti, our commitment to excellence sets us apart:

  • Expertise: Our global team of seasoned testing professionals specializes in large-scale and intricate cloud-based implementations.
  • Holistic Testing: We provide end-to-end cloud testing, covering a spectrum of aspects crucial for a seamless cloud transition.
  • ViTAP Integration: Harness the power of ViTAP, our proprietary Intelligent Test Automation Platform, enabling simplified setup and precise testing.
  • DevTestOps Alignment: By integrating DevOps and continuous testing practices, we offer DevTestOps, streamlining your cloud testing journey.
  • Automated Efficiency: With ViTAP's automation, manual processes are replaced with a streamlined, automated platform, ensuring optimal performance in cloud environments.

Experience the future of cloud testing with Vensiti. Embrace flawless code, optimized resource utilization, and applications primed for the cloud. Contact us today to embark on a transformative partnership that ensures your software's success in the dynamic cloud ecosystem.

Technologies and Tools we use

  • Selenium

  • Jasmine

  • Cypress

  • Protractor

  • Test cafe

  • Kinesis CI

  • Puppeteer

  • Espresso

  • Playwright

  • Telerik test studio

  • Katalon

  • Tricentis

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