Test Advisory Services

Vensiti's Testing Advisory services provide Software Testing based advisory services in the areas of Testing Process, Methodology, Strategy and Test Competency assessment across the testing life cycle. Also help in identifying, adopting and implementing the industry wide best practices in order to improve the test effectiveness and productivity, while reducing the overall cost of quality assurance operation.

Our test advisory service address key testing challenges such as

  • Undermining testing activities due to
      1. - Schedule slippage
        - Focus non testing processes
  • Inadequate test process definition
  • Execution inefficiencies
  • Un-base lined requirements /scope creeps
  • Less than optimal test team structure
  • Skill and training gaps
  • Absence/improper utilization of:
        - Test management tools
        - Automation and Performance tools
  • Insufficient defect management
  • Incomplete test reporting
  • No strict adherence of Entry /exit criteria

Vensiti’s Test advisory services are built on wide range of consulting experience and technological expertise. We ensure that a robust testing function is established with assured outcomes focused on ROI, customer experience, and business alignment, to make sure your testing function meets with business objectives.


Our test advisory services include


Our key differentiators

  • Assess existing QA organization in-terms of People, Processes, Tools and Technology landscape.
  • Identify all gaps in-terms of competency, as per standards and tools effectiveness
  • Recommend and implement the transformation plan to address the gaps identified
  • In-house Quality experts with capabilities and certification in various Test Maturity models like TMMI
  • Expertise with wide range of Test Tools and Process across entire development cycle
  • In-house Experts with capability to train customer team to address competency gaps