Privacy Policy

We strictly respect your privacy and have stringent policies in place to protect information that is deemed confidential. On this note, we would like to explain the way we go about the information that we collect from you.

Whenever you visit our site, the credentials thus provided are used for the purpose for which it was entered and not otherwise. Usually, these credentials refer to your email, name, phone number, etc., that you might require to furnish while registering on our site, subscribing to our newsletter/alerts, placing an order, filling out a form or taking a survey, etc.

We use this information for the following purposes:

  • To track the number of visitors on our site
  • To improve site’s performance
  • To provide better customer service
  • To send related updates on services that interests you
  • For promotional activities

In this entire process, no where do we trade with the information provided by you. We neither allow any outside sources to access your data without your permission. To monitor these activities, we have several security procedures in place. We use se cured server by which all the sensitive data is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and encrypted into our da tabase. And these databases can be accessed only by those who are authorized to do so.

Sometimes, we may release your information to third party sites that work hand-in-hand with us for the betterment of our se rvices. In such cases also, we mandate them to keep your data confidential and comply with all our security policies.