Engagement Models

Vensiti offers very flexible engagement models that can be customized as per the business needs. Our flexible engagement models ensure that you access the highest quality at optimum costs, irrespective of the size of your project and the type of your testing requirements. You can opt from various engagement models shared below or go for a tailored hybrid approach.

Project based model

  • The most preferred model with the ability to freeze project scope, timeline and cost.
  • A low-risk, fixed time & cost engagement model is most suitable to opt, if client want to work on small or medium size of projects.
  • Enable client to focus on their core competency as we ascertain and assure of quality deliverables that build the epitome of this model.
  • OAs per the project requirement scope end to end testing will be managed by us and regular update will be shared on daily, weekly & monthly basis.


  • On-time and on-budget project delivery.
  • Track project progress at every phase.
  • Less possibility of making any major changes on project scope.
  • Optimized performance with due predictability and reliability.

project model image

Time & Material model

project model image

  • Pay as you go model, based on required time and effort to work on any large or on-going engagement.
  • A team comprising wide range of skill sets are deployed to work on the project without any detailed project specification.
  • A complete transparent model with more control over project progress, cost, methodology and time.
  • This model is particularly suitable in contexts where project are complex, lengthy in duration and embodied by unclear specifications or required extreme freedom of scope changes.
  • Cost vary according to deployed number of resources and time effort.
  • Flexible resource allocation.
  • Strict project management and reporting structure.
  • Regularly generated task sheets Flexible resource allocation.


  • Flexible resourcing model.
  • Perfect for long-term and large projects which can-not be predicted in-terms of delivery time-lines.
  • Client will have control over the project, approvals or add any new task that will be implemented on demand.
  • Specifications and enhancement can be negotiated at any phase of project.

Build your own team

You can build your offshore team without any investment on workspace, infrastructure & recruitment process. Vensiti has a ready talent pool of QA resources with expertise in various QA services-line (e.g. Functional Testing, Test Automation, Mobile Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and others) and domains like (Insurance, Banking/Finance Services, Automobile, Healthcare, ISV, Retail & Manufacturing etc.). We are very flexible in terms of deploying resources for Onsite (client location), Onshore (our US based office) and Offshore (India based office) requirements.

  • Hire dedicated QA engineer/s on hourly rate or monthly fixed price basis.
  • Share required skill set and take interview of available QA engineers and deploy them on your project.
  • Get full control over the dedicated resources, make them effective part of your core team.
  • Team will work under direct supervision of your project manager.
  • You can determine the work methodologies and policies that will be followed by the team.


  • Get multiple skill set under one roof
  • Save up to 50% cost by hiring dedicated offshore resources
  • Free shadow resources to be deployed on the project in case of any emergency
  • No charge for replacing any resource
  • Scale up and scale down the resources based on the project requirement
  • Offshore delivery center set up at zero investment
  • Dedicated mobile test lab with 100+ physical and cloud devices

imageforBuild your own Team