DevOps Implementation Services

The fragmented workflow between software development and IT development teams results in bad-quality software and poor organizational performance.

Vensiti DevOps service improves collaboration between software development and IT teams, resulting in higher software quality and organizational performance. We achieve this by expediting software delivery and automating and streamlining the entire software development cycle, including building, testing, deploying, and monitoring.

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What you get with DevOps Services


DevOps enables frequent software releases by employing automation tools for practices like continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Effectively connecting these two processes result in accelerated release cycles.

Enhanced Collaboration

Incorporating DevOps eliminates the traditional barrier between development, operations, and stakeholders. It promotes effective communication and ensures the alignment of goals and requirements.

Enhance Quality

In DevOps, you can automate the testing of different development processes, such as unit, integration, and end-to-end tests. This thorough testing of code modifications before deployment helps prevent errors. Similarly, automation testing reduces the risk of bugs making their way into production.

Early Problem Detection and Resolution

DevOps deploy monitoring tools to gauge the performance of the application and identify anomalies. When anomalies are detected, the tools send alerts to the operations team, facilitating early resolution.

Improved Security

DevOps integrate security measures throughout the software development process. It deploys automatic security scans and tests to detect any vulnerabilities promoting enhanced security.

Why choose Vensiti?

  • Assessment and Planning

    - Assess current tools and processes.

    - Detect where you're lacking.

    - Identify areas of improvement

    - Outline achievable goals.


  • Collaboration

    - Fosters communication between various teams.

    - Collaborate with teams for common goals and constant improvement.


  • Select Appropriate Tools and Resources

    - Select the right tool that fits your organization's size and needs

    - Automate tools.


  • Automation

    - Automate frequent tasks to save time and reduce manual errors.

    - Implement continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.


  • Monitoring and Feedback

    - Deploy tools to track performance and point out issues.

    - Collect valuable user feedback and implement useful suggestions.


  • Optimize for Security and Compliance

    - Conduct frequent security assessments and code reviews.

    - Implement automated security testing and compliance checks.


  • Training and Skill Development

    - Provide regular training to eliminate expertise disparities within teams.

    - Stay relevant to industry trends and emerging technologies.


  • Continuous Improvement

    - Evaluate the performance of your DevOps practices.

    - Identify the area of improvement.


Technologies and Tools we use

Infra Monitoring

Application Monitoring


Log Management


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