DevOps Automation Services

You can only stay ahead of your customer needs when you infuse speed and agility into every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Utilizing DevOps automation tools is a great way to ensure a seamless digital experience in the growing pressures of today's competitive digital landscape.

DevOps automation eliminates departmental barriers within the organization and lessens the need for time-consuming, manual continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) procedures. This transformation encourages development teams to become proactive rather than reactive.

In addition, automation allows for more time for fail-safe innovation, while embracing a 'shift left' approach aids in aligning with event-triggered, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) influenced DevOps practices.

Vensiti DevOps automation service is here to help you drive reliability throughout the SDLC and accelerates time-to-market for software application and fresh releases.

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Automating DevOps and Creating a coordinated business environment

Automated CI/CD

Automated CI/CD pipelines are a foundation of efficient agile DevOps practices. It ensures the creation of high-caliber, safe code, that adheres to vital business demands. This approach includes continuous deployment - when applicable - where each successful code modification is automatically deployed to production.

Automated Testing

Automated end-to-end testing is designed to catch mistakes, flaws, and glitches in software during the CI/CD pipeline stages. This approach contributes to the regular delivery of high-quality software updates to end users.

Automated Application Monitoring

Involves keeping a watchful eye on application behavior and logging data via automated tools. It gives comprehensive insights into how the application is functioning. And promptly address any problems highlighted in the logs or digital experience management (DEM) system.

Automated Network Provisioning

It facilitates the on-demand allocation of computing resources through predefined processes, eliminating the need for human help.

Our Approach

Why choose Vensiti?

  • Improved Frequency and Velocity of Releases.

    - Enhance IT operational efficiency.

    - Cut downs the potential human errors.

  • Less Complexity in Software Releases

    - Alleviates software release complexity.

    - Reduce the risk of failed release.

    - Quick adoption of customer feedback.


  • Aligning Business Goals With Customer-facing Impacts

    - Align code with business requirements.

    - Automatic validation for checking the code.

    - Prevent bad code from reaching production.


  • Better Developer Experience

    - Improved cross-team collaboration.

    - Save time on toolchain maintenance and updates

    - More time for developers for innovative projects.


  • Easier Scalability

    - Swift creation of new infrastructure in on-premises and cloud.

    - Easy resource adjustment with changing workload demand.


Technologies and Tools we use

Infra Monitoring

Application Monitoring


Log Management


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