Devops & Agility Testing

DevOps is a process which combines software development and information-technology operations with the motive to reduce the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.


It is an extension of agile software development approach that enables software development and testing to happen simultaneously with continuous collaboration between all stakeholders. This calls for a higher level of coordination within the various stakeholders in the software development process like (Development, QA & Operations).DevOps process helps to release high-quality product at less time to market. It requires continuous development, continuous testing, continuous deployment in which DevOps helps a team to constantly update and deliver.

DevOps testing strategy

  • The test cases that are required to be executed for a particular build needs to be identified.
  • The test execution should essentially be lean.
  • The QA and Dev need to sit together and identify the areas affected due to a particular build and execute those related test cases plus a sanity test pass.
  • You also need to configure specialized code analysis and coverage tools to make sure that you achieve nearly about 100% code coverage.
  • The concept of executing all regression test cases for a test pass is soon becoming obsolete.
  • The strategy around testing new features needs to be formalized and the interim builds can be supplied to QA who would, in turn, create test scripts and run these automation tests on the interim builds till the code becomes stable enough to be deployed onto the Production environment.
  • All the environments required for testing need to be standardized and the deployments have to be automated.
  • Using various automation techniques, QA should be able to fire Automation Testing runs across various cross-platform (and cross-browser in case of web applications) environments.
  • Parallel execution of tests helps in reducing time-to-live, which in turn is the crux of a successful DevOps implementation.
  • Exit criteria need to be set for each run so that when the results of the tests are fed back to the chain, a go/no-go decision to Production is taken.
  • Blocker or Critical bugs found need to be reported & fixed and passed through the same chain of events before the code is deployed in the Production environment.

Vensiti’s differentiators

  • Ready to use, best in industry test automation framework .
  • Expertise in using industries leading test automation (e.g. UFT, Selenium, TestComplete, Coded UI, etc.), Agile development tools (e.g. Rally, Scrumdo) and CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, TFS, Hudson, Go, Bamboo, etc.)
  • Certified automation experts with expertise in managing end to end DevOps/QA process.
  • Standardized processes, templates and toolkits for Agile and DevOps QA.
  • Global team of QA professionals with a capability to scale up at both onsite and offshore.