Job Openings

Job Title: Data Engineer.
Location: Irving, TX
Duration: 1+ Years
Client: Kyvos Insight


• The creation and maintenance of large-scale data structures that help users generate, store and manage big data. • The development of tests that allow for the data warehouses to be deemed reliable • The design and deployment of more sound data architecture to replace faulty structures. • Communicating with team members and other colleagues and managers progress on big data structures using the proper verbiage per audience. • Keeping business needs in mind when collaborating on and designing data structures. • Using cutting-edge technologies and common scripting languages

Skills must have:

Python, SQL, Spark, AWS, Git, Jira, Jupyter notebooks.


• 2 Years' Professional Data Engineering • Data Modeling and Pipelining Experience • Understand business requirements • Design Data Schemas/Structures, Generate SQL DDL/DML, and set up processes to move or transform data as needed • ETL/Modeling concepts - normalization, staging, types of data models (conceptual, logical, physical) • Experience and proficiency in SQL, ETL, Schema Design Concepts, and data modeling/structuring • Experience and proficiency in Python - Libraries such as Pandas and SQLAlchemy • BONUS - Apache Airflow, sqlalchemy, dbt, Linux, AWS, S3/Redshift/Lambda/Glue

Education Qualification:

• Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Related Fields

Job Posted Date : July25 2018